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The Sebring Owners Club was set up for those who own or have an interest in cars supplied by Sebring International or Classic Roadsters, in the classic style of the Austin Healey 3000 motor cars

sebring owners club

The purchase of the first Sebring kit was in early 1992 and in September 1993 at the Sandown Kit Car Show a group of seven owners arranged to meet and agreed to set up the Sebring Owners Club, a small donation from Sebring themselves helped pay towards the costs.


By the Spring of 1994 there were ten members attending shows on an ad-hoc basis as not many cars were completed and on the road. Since then the club has averaged a seventy strong paid up membership with members joining with a view to buying and others buying /building and then selling.

The Club's activity outside of the 'normal' national and local car shows is based around three or four arranged gatherings a year, whereby members organise a long weekend (usually in 'their' area of the country) attended by ten to fifteen cars with scenic routes and stopovers of interest and of course tea and cakes.


It has been remarked on several occasions, the Sebring Owners Club has taken us to places we otherwise would probably not have visited.

Over the twenty-six years, the club has remained active and healthy, it has had in excess of 240 different members across the UK with one presently in the USA, and seen and supported five changes of ownership. The first in December 1994, a nerve racking experience for the early members who were still building! The latest was in 2015!


The real strength of the club is the spread of the membership across the UK and there is always someone nearby to lend a hand of support or advice.

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